Voice Dialogue

Roberta Hutchins ~ Voice Dialogue Facilitator ~ Exeter, Devon

Voice Dialogue is a process whereby you get to know yourself – both the aspects of your personality that are essentially running the show – those that spend most of the time in the driving seat of your life – and the aspects of your personality that you have pretty much hidden under the carpet in order to get by in life!

Voice Dialogue encourages greater awareness of who we are and how we work, rather than what me might see as ‘wrong’ with us!

How often have you found yourself thinking … ‘my head says… but my heart says…‘ or ‘part of me wants this but another wants that‘?

Developing this process means you can take all of yourself into account and have real choice when making decisions in your life, and in how you relate to other people.

Who’s in the driving seat of your life?

Come and get to know your selves!

What to expect!

In a session we will work together to explore your inner voices, otherwise known as your ‘energetic selves’. These selves have their own their unique life views, often developing from the life circumstances and habitual patterns of our childhood. As we explore we begin to honour and accept ourselves more fully as we begin, over time, to disidentify from our current self image in order to embrace more of who we are.

The Voice Dialogue process is a body-based psycho-spiritual practice that was developed by two very experienced Clinical Psychologists from the US with a background in consciousness work – Drs. Hal and Sidra Stone. You can find out more about them and Voice Dialogue on their website.

“With awareness, freedom and a greater sense of choice, we can become what Hal Stone describes as an “energy dancer”! No longer censoring, controlling, grasping and pushing away, we are able to meet and engage with our current life circumstances in each moment, present and embodied. With agendas more conscious and therefore less fixed and fear-based, we can flow with life’s unfolding mystery, less fazed by paradox and polarities.”
Fern de Castres

Roberta’s experience of Voice Dialogue

My first experience of Voice Dialogue was over 20 years ago. Having regular sessions over the years and finding the process enormously helpful in getting to know myself and dealing with some challenging life situations, I decided to embark on a 3 year professional training in Voice Dialogue so I could share this with others – both my existing clients and people looking for Voice Dialogue alone.

Sessions last 75 minutes and cost £50.00

We will have a free one hour introductory session to explain the work and confirm we’d like to work together. I ask you to then commit to 10 sessions if you’d like to go ahead as that gives enough time for the process to start to unfold. You can however cancel your commitment at any time if you choose to.

Appointments are available at a comfortable and quiet clinic in central Exeter.