Roberta Hutchins BSc Herbal Medicine (1st Class Hons) MCPP MHGI

Medical Herbalist ~ Human Givens Psychotherapist ~ Reflexologist ~ Yoga Teacher ~ Voice Dialogue Facilitator

Roberta is a highly qualified registered practitioner offering Personalised Holistic Healthcare at clinics in Exeter and Chudleigh in Devon.

Herbal Medicine, Counselling & Psychotherapy, Reflexology, Yoga & Somatics, Voice Dialogue

My life-long passion has been the pursuit of knowledge and the understanding of how to BE WELL and being able to share this to inspire and help you on your journey to well-being. I have spent over 20 years studying and practising the therapies that I have found to be particularly helpful so that I can share them with you.

I will listen to your story and help you find your way back to health and well-being. I’d like to help you get back on your feet if that’s what you need, help you find the most effective ways to take care of yourself and discover what you need to thrive in your life.

Choose the treatment you want or take my advice on what might best help you.

I love learning and spend a lot of my time on continuing professional development courses increasing my knowledge in my areas of expertise and learning newer skills. It is my experience that there is no ‘one size fits all’ prescription for wellbeing and that having lots of tools in my toolbox helps me be a more effective practitioner.

I find that taking into account all aspects of your life and health – physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual – helps me give the most effective advice and treatment according to your specific needs. I think self-care is vital to wellbeing and we will work together to find the best and most sustainable strategies for your life.

As well as my private holistic healthcare practice I also work for two Herbal Medicine organisations.

I am the Company Secretary for the British Herbal Medicine Association, a member of the Scientific Committee of the European Scientific Cooperative on Phytotherapy (ESCOP) and primary Editor for the ESCOP Monographs.

Roberta’s Story

Roberta has been working in the field of holistic healthcare since 1997 when she began her career as a Research Assistant at the Centre for Complementary Health Studies at Exeter University.

Roberta’s introduction to holistic healthcare was an evening course in Reflexology which inspired her to train professionally as a Reflexologist in 1996 on an ITEC course in Precision Reflexology.

This was followed by studying Herbal Medicine at University. Having gained a first class honours degree in Herbal Medicine (Phytotherapy) from Middlesex University she subsequently completed 500 hours of clinical training with the College of Phytotherapy. Roberta has been practising as a Medical Herbalist (Herbal Practitioner) in Devon since 2006.

Recognising that people suffering from anxiety, depression, and many health problems related to stress were forming the backbone of her practice, she decided to train in a form of very effective Counselling & Psychotherapy.

Roberta has found that it is often the case that resolving life difficulties, getting needs met and focusing on psychological well-being are the keys to getting back on track with life and feeling well again. Roberta found the Human Givens approach to be a really effective way to do this and started her Human Givens training in 2009, completing her diploma with Distinction.

Throughout life Roberta has found Yoga to be of great benefit personally and she went on to start her first Yoga Teacher Training course in 2010. Passionate about Yoga and extending her knowledge and experience she has studied with top teachers worldwide – qualifying additionally as a Somatic Exercise Coach, Pre- and Post-natal Yoga Teacher and iRest Yoga Nidra teacher.

Roberta’s first experience of Voice Dialogue was over 20 years ago. Having regular sessions over the years and finding the process enormously helpful in getting to know herself and dealing with some sticky life situations, she decided to embark on a 3 year professional training in Voice Dialogue so she could share this with others – both existing clients and people looking for Voice Dialogue alone.

When I’m not working you’ll probably find me in my garden or Lindyhopping!