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I feel very fortunate to have found Roberta and to have received her herbal support over a period of time. She is an excellent herbal medicine practitioner, a very good listener, and adept at prescribing bespoke herbs to best support in a holistic way. Alongside that, she gave me some helpful advice on other lifestyle and dietary matters – always in a compassionate, understanding, and non-judgmental way. I highly recommend Roberta for support during key health changes and also to help with navigating the ups and downs of life in general. 

Anna, Exeter

After struggling with the after effects of concussion in 2016 I began going to Roberta for reflexology treatment.  She was very sympathetic to my needs and gradually helped draw me out of the fatigue and “fuzziness” I was feeling.  I continue to go to her for reflexology, even though I’ve recovered from concussion, as the treatment is so calming and relaxing.  What’s more she is good company and has an amazing pair of WARM hands!’

Angela Brassley, Ilsington, Devon

Reflexology with Roberta is quite simply the most relaxing thing I have ever come across.  Within minutes of therapy starting I sink into the deepest state of bliss and satisfaction, nothing matters anymore and all cares drop away.  By the end of the session I emerge renewed, refreshed and rejuvenated and ready to face anything the world may throw at me.

Suzy, Devon

I’ve been to many yoga classes with different teachers over the past 50 odd years, and I’m sticking with this one.  Roberta manages gently to help me focus on my internal experience – energy, connection with the world, relaxation – rather than just the external shapes of the poses.  Though it’s called a ‘gentle yoga’ class (and it is), I know that I’ve learnt so much about how my body/mind works from the skillful way she talks us through exercises.  She’s also wonderful at adapting poses for aging or painful bodies!

Olwen, Exeter

Roberta, using the Human Givens approach, offered a simple, quick and effective treatment using the ‘best’ of a variety of approaches. I left empowered with the tools for self-management. Highly recommended.

Cath, Exeter

I first met Roberta when she helped my son recover from glandular fever. Her herbal remedies got me through the menopuase gently and without needing any hormone replacement. Her reflexology treatments are wonderfully relaxaing and help me to stay balanced. She is a sympathetic and wise counsellor and has become a trusted friend.

A.K., Exeter