A safe and relaxing way of relieving stress and a wide range of health problems, as well as maintaining your health and enhancing your well-being.

Roberta Hutchins ITEC Reflexology

Over 20 years experience as a Reflexologist in Devon

Clinics in Exeter and Chudleigh

‘Reflexology with Roberta is quite simply the most relaxing thing I have ever come across.  Within minutes of therapy starting I sink into the deepest state of bliss and satisfaction, nothing matters anymore and all cares drop away.  By the end of the session I emerge renewed, refreshed and rejuvenated and ready to face anything the world may throw at me.’

Suzy, Devon

‘After struggling with the after effects of concussion in 2016 I began going to Roberta for reflexology treatment.  She was very sympathetic to my needs and gradually helped draw me out of the fatigue and “fuzziness” I was feeling.  I continue to go to her for reflexology, even though I’ve recovered from concussion, as the treatment is so calming and relaxing.  What’s more she is good company and has an amazing pair of WARM hands!’

Angela Brassley, Ilsington, Devon

How can Reflexology help you?

The power of Reflexology to relieve stress and initiate the innate self-healing mechanisms of the body has deeply impressed me over the 22 years since I qualified as a practitioner.

The effects of a Reflexology treatment range from energising and uplifting to calming and deeply relaxing.

Reflexology may be helpful in many conditions, especially if stress-related. These include:

  • Digestive disorders such as IBS
  • Arthritis, Muscle pain/tension & Headaches
  • Respiratory conditions e.g. Asthma, Sinusitis
  • Hormonal imbalances e.g. PMS; Infertility; Menopausal symptoms

What is Reflexology?

Ancient art and history suggest that variations of the modern practice of Reflexology existed in all of the ancient healing cultures. Reflexology is based on the premise that there are ‘reflexes’ in the hands and feet which correspond to all organs, glands and body parts. A reflexologist uses their hands to apply pressure and stimulate these ‘reflex points’. This is believed to have an effect on the corresponding body areas, and on an energetic level will encourage the body to heal itself.

I was trained in Precision Reflexology at the School of Complementary Therapies in Exeter. Precision Reflexology uses a technique called ‘linking’ to enhance the power and definition of a treatment. ‘Linking’ involves gently holding more than one specific reflex point at the same time; this increases the rebalancing effect on the body’s energy. Many patients comment on sensations of vibration or unusual energy within specific parts of their body during ‘linking’.